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Who is the Training For?

Treatment Training is offered to practitioners working in publically-funded institutions within Ontario, who have background in counseling/therapy. Prevention Training is offered to educators, public health staff, or other stakeholders who work with youth.

What Services are Offered?

  1. Training in specialized assessment, management, treatment and prevention of eating disorders (with educational material - see list below).
  2. On-site visits to Ontario communities to promote professional linkages.
  3. Distribution of training resources.
  4. Ongoing professional support to the network of practitioners.

Educational material (available only with training)


Turning Points: A Psychoeducation program for overcoming an eating disorder (Davis & Phillips, 1994) - contact the OCOPED/EDO office at
Turning Points 2: A health promotion program for young woman regarding  healthy eating, body image, interpersonal relationships and mood regulation.  (Davis, 2005)
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Don’t Wait!: A Guided Program for Teens (Eating Disorders Program, Southlake Regional Health Centre)
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Making changes: A manual for group-based, cognitive-behaviour therapy for eating disorders (Laliberte, 2004) 
Body Image: A manual for group-based, cognitive behavior therapy for body image (Laliberte, 2018)
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Body Image therapy manual for adolescents with eating disorders (Bryden & Jasper, 2001)
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Background Information

The research literature on the prevention of eating disorders/disordered eating reveals that one-time presentations on eating disorder to schools are not effective in changing/improving the eating attitudes and behaviours of students. In fact, for some youth, the focus on the topic of eating disorders intensifies their preoccupation with weight and shape leading them to experiment with unhealthy and dangerous weight control methods.

The factors that contribute to body image concerns and eating problems are multiple. As such, it is recommended that a whole-school (multi-level) approach be taken to address unhealthy dieting and other eating-related symptoms in students.

In Ontario, long-standing research on the prevention of disordered eating has been conducted.

Universal Prevention
Training service providers
The Ontario Project

This Ontario-based research together with learnings from the international prevention research field have revealed effective strategies to help reduce known risk factors associated with the development of disordered eating, and ways to boost protective factors including supportive environments.

A new layer of prevention service provision is being added to Ontario’s existing system of eating disorder care. With funding from the Ministry of Health, Eating Disorders Ontario together with partners from 5 regions is building local capacity for the delivery of evidence-based prevention and early intervention of eating disorders.



EDO-P: Overview of how schools can help

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The Ontario Ministry of Health (MOH) in partnership with:

  • The University Health Network (Toronto General Division)
  • The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Provincial network of specialized eating disorder service providers

Contact Us

Ontario Community Outreach
Program for Eating Disorders

University Health Network
Toronto General Hospital
200 Elizabeth Street
Toronto, ON, M5G 2C4